Pricing / Rates

Just the bare essentials.
This is great for artists that already have their sound dialed in.
2 Revisions During Mixing
2 Revisions During Mastering
Final Master MP3 – 320kbps
Final Master WAV – 16-bit 44.1kHz
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Top-Shelf Service
If you need extra time spent fine tuning your tracks, this is the best option.
Same as Basic PLUS
Vocal Tuning Correction
Vocal Timing Correction
Two Extra Master Formats
Two Alternative Versions
Two Extra Revisions
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All prices are per each track, USD currency and are payable via PayPal. Please request all additional versions and multiple mix and master formats in advance.

  • Mixing & Mastering $100 per Song – included 4 Revisions Standard
  • Extra Revisions – $30/hr
  • Major Changes – $30/hr
  • Quantity Discounts Available – Contact Us for More Info
  • Addition Versions – $20 Each per Song – Includes 2 Revisions Each
    • Instrumental
    • A capella
    • Radio Edit
  • Multiple Mix & Master Formats – $20 Each per Song (AIFF, FLAC, etc.)

Do you do free samples?

I sometimes offer free or reduced-cost mixing & mastering samples if the client is working with 100% original material and allows me unlimited use of the unmixed audio, the sample mix and final master for promotional and educational purposes. These are done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me for more info.