Hey guys! Here are the free downloads I have posted on my blog posts recently. I hope you enjoy! My favorite so far is the Ableton Live Desktop Wallpaper. Don’t forget to check out the Mixing and Mastering page for more information about our services.

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Free Downloads

My Personal File Structure for Organizing the Ableton User Library

This is discussed in my first post in the Organizing Ableton Live series. I explain how to use my personal file structure to give you a head start on organizing your Ableton Live User Library.

Ableton Live User Library Folder Structure

Ableton Live Desktop Wallpaper

I made this when I was getting back into graphic design. Don’t you love the almost frosted-glass effect is has? I really hope you enjoy this! More Ableton wallpapers are coming in the future.

Ableton Live Desktop Wallpaper

Studio Kitty Samples Vol. 1 – 808 Parts and Supplies – Free Download


  • 808 Bass Texture Layers
  • Sounds Designed for Optimum Inspiration
  • Rattle, Air Flutter and Bit Crushed Sparkle
  • Multiple Octaves Modulated Independently for an Organic Sound

Coming Soon – (just a few days!)

Cloud 9 Audio Solarized Ableton Live Skin

Engineered to be easy on the eyes for long sessions, this Ableton Live Skin is based on Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color scheme.