Agreement – Client and Studio Responsibilities


We believe in transparency when doing business. Here is our mixing and mastering agreement in full. If you have any questions, contact us today. We are happy to draft revised agreements on a case-by-case basis.

Release and Assignment of Master Audio Recording Rights

Studio reserves all rights to the full-quality mix and master audio files, project files and recordings until the client pays in full. Once paid in full, we will release all master and mix files to the client. Upon complete payment of all monies due by Client, the Studio will transfer all recordings and ownership of sound recording copyrights to the Client.

Mix, master and audition MP3 audio recording rights will be immediately revoked from the client and reassigned to studio in the event of the client reverse payment to the studio or the studio refund payment to the client.

Engineering Credits

Client will include the following on CD liner notes, MP3 metadata, SoundCloud track descriptions etc:

Songs Mixed & Mastered by Charles Shores at

Warranty of Original Content

Client warrants that they own their songs, they are original and do not infringe any copyrighted material. The client confirms the studio has no liability regarding copyright.

For more information, please read A Brief Introduction to Contracts for Freelance Engineers, Mixers and Producers


You are responsible for:

  • Providing Audio Files to be Mixed and Mastered which meet the following standards when possible:
    • Individually Exported Audio Tracks (Stems)
    • Trimmed to the Same Length
    • Labeled Appropriately
    • Instruments and Vocals Aligned to Rhythm and Tempo
    • WAV or AIFF format preferred
    • Same Bit Depth and Sample Rate, at least 16 bit and 44.1kHz
    • Each Track Peaking Below 0dBFS
    • Included in a Single Folder labeled with the song name, artist name, tempo, sample rate and bit depth.
    • Zip the Folder and Upload the Zipped Folder using the link we send you.
  • Obtaining necessary mechanical licenses, leasing any beats, purchasing samples, etc.
  • Making all payments when due.
  • Providing at least three (3) links to reference tracks of major artist’s whose sound they would like to imitate in a creative way.
  • Providing clear instructions to the studio regarding the style and production that they wish to achieve.
  • Including a Rough Mix and/or Rough Master of the Song
  • Including a .txt of .pdf document including song metadata for all songs: Song Title, Artist Name, Album Name, Genre, Composer.

Cloud 9 Audio is responsible for:

  • Mixing & Mastering the clients music.
  • Receiving client’s approval for the mixing and mastering stages as well as revisions.
  • Mastering finished mix to CD quality WAV (44.1k/16bit) and MP3 (320kb/s).
  • Include appropriate metadata in each digital audio file.
  • Studio will work efficiently toward the timely completion of the project.
  • Storing a backup of the client’s project files for at least 30 days after the master file delivery date.